They All Save Lives!

It has become both second nature and law to use them when they are needed. Did you know that the national average response time of a high priority 911 call by Emergency Services is 11 minutes.

11 minutes is a very long time when someone is threatening with a loaded weapon.
Mighty Mojo introduces the newest life saver on the block....

LifePlate™ Personal Bullet-Proof Insert

Lightweight LifePlate bullet-proof insert LifePlate Bullet-Proof backpack inserts are offered in 3 colors and 2 sizes

We are proud to introduce the LifePlate Shield. With a LifePlate equipped in your gear, you can feel safe knowing that you have the same bullet-resistant protection that police officers use. With an array of sizes and colors, you can turn any bag, backpack or briefcase into personal bullet-resistant protection.*

Affordable Bullet-Proof Protection

LifePlate™ Personal Bullet-Proof Insert

LifePlate Shield on San Diego News 6

The LifePlate insert has been tested and certified as NIJ IIIA by an independent testing laboratory, Chesapeake Testing, a very well known and accredited third party Lab. Chesapeake Testing is a National Institute of Justice approved laboratory. As an NIJ approved laboratory, they are authorized to conduct testing in accordance with NIJ standard-0101.06, Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor. Safety is our key concern, and we would not offer a product that did not support our claims. We at Mighty Mojo personally use the LifePlate, as well as our children, grandchildren, and friends. We stand behind our product 100%. Our bulletproof backpack insert is the best on the market.

* This level IIIa product is not for recreational use or testing. These products are not toys. Death or serious injury can occur.

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